Play at Doggie Daycare

Indoor Play

We have just over 5,000 sq ft of indoor play space. The space is both heated and air-conditioned, and it has an epoxy floor to ensure that it can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each day of play.

Outdoor Play Space

We have 4 "backyards" for play time! That includes just over 12,000 sq ft of fenced-in, turf, play space for your dog and their favorite play group.

Supervised Play

All play time is supervised by our specially trained "DoggieVisors". These employees go through training on dog body language, pet first aid, and canine play styles.


We clean and disinfect every square inch of the facility at least once per week. Every accommodation and play area is cleaned at the end of each day. We use a veterinary grade disinfectant and have virus and bacteria scrubbing air filters to keep your dog healthy.

Play Groups

We have multiple style play groups to fit every dog's personality:

  • Daycare Group Play - starting at $25 per day
    your traditional style daycare. Large groups of dogs running and playing throughout the day having the time of their lives!

  • Family Dog Play - starting at $30 per day
    for the dogs who like friends, but more dinner party style rather than heading to the all-out concert. Small groups of up to 5 dogs playing, socializing, and getting more attention from our DoggieVisors.


  • Specialized Play - starting at $35 per day
    some dogs prefer a small group of specific friends - quality over quantity! They love those dogs, and have a great time with them. So whether they are playing with their special friend or getting special time with our DoggieVisors to play fetch or tug, these dogs are well... special!

All day care and boarding dogs must have their up-to-date vaccines including: rabies, bordatella, distemper, lepto (recommended) and parvo. All dogs must pass a behavioral evaluation prior to coming to daycare. You can book your evaluation by selecting the Book Online tab - or by clicking here - and booking the first option on the list, Temperament Test.


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